Now accepting non-refundable deposits for December 2018 whole lambs.

Tender, flavorful, and elegant, lamb is often considered a special occasion indulgence. But why limit yourself? For the same price as ground, receive a bundle of all your favorite premium and everyday cuts.

What you receive: 22-30 lbs of delicious, pasture-raised, grass-fed lamb just in time for the holidays (about a paper grocery bag’s worth).

What you save: By purchasing a whole lamb, customers save 10-15%!

What it costs: All customers will be charged $12/lb yield. This includes all processing charges. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Pickup information: Whole lambs will be harvested the first and second week of December, and will be available for pickup on select dates from December 14th-23rd in Viroqua. Lamb will also be available for pickup in Madison and La Crosse for an additional $10 fee.

Cut options: Customers have the option of selecting from three cut options for their whole lamb––our Feasts & Families, Farmers’ Choice, and Simple Supper bundles. These “bundles” are all equivalent to a whole lamb, they simply vary in how that whole lamb is butchered. Feast & Families features the largest selection of roasts, Farmers’ Choice offers a variety pack of roasts as well as some more individual cuts, and Simple Supper is perfect for people looking for easy dinner solutions, with most meat cut as chops, cubed for packs, or ground. See the second picture for details.

What’s changed: For the first time, we’ll be offering whole lamb equivalents rather than whole lambs, creating bundles of cuts rather than harvesting individual animals for customers in order to ensure consistency. This also allows us to charge based on the actual weight of the meat you receive, rather than the animal’s hanging weight, and to supplement as needed if one animal yields less than another. While this creates a bit more work for us, we feel it is the most transparent option for customers.

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