Our 100% organic wool toddler duvets/crib comforters are naturally thermo-regulating and anti-microbial. Wicking moisture away as you sleep, crib comforters will keep your child warm and dry, preventing clammy hands and overheating. Breathable even in the heat of summer, this duvet is toasty in those frozen winter months or wonderful as a light stroller blanket for early summer mornings. Naturally mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant, our duvet offers your child a gentle, sneeze-free rest. Also lovely as sofa throws, these duvets are highly versatile, perfect for keeping your legs warm as your curl up for a movie. 

A standard crib comforter size, our toddler duvet is made from our farm-grown organic wool batts. Layered and stitched into an organic, unbleached cotton encasement, the batts ensure an even loft––no bunched or poky feathers! Hand or top-loader machine washable, these duvets are easy to care for and designed to last.

Standard Crib Comforter
45" x 60"
1 lb organic wool fill
Unbleached, organic cotton casement
Hand wash or top load machine wash

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Raised and sheared on our farm, our organic wool makes for wonderfully plush, cozy, and breathable bedding. Naturally anti-microbial, wool naturally resists mold, mildew, and dust mites, making it a wonderful choice for those suffering from allergies or environmental sensitivities. Naturally thermo-regulating and flame retardant, wool wicks away moisture to allow for undisturbed sleep and peace of mind knowing your bedding is free of harsh chemicals. Encased in unbleached, organic cotton, our bedding feels wonderful against the skin and adds to a natural decor.