Savor the complex and aromatic flavors of Morocco. Enjoy this mix as a dry rub on meat or sprinkled on roasted vegetables. For meat, apply liberally along with fresh garlic & salt, let sit for a few hours for the flavors to infuse, and bake or pan-fry.  Flavor stews or tagines, mix with yogurt for a marinade for kebabs,  or  season ground meat for a new take on burgers or meatballs.

Sugar & salt free!

organic sweet paprika, organic cinnamon, organic smoked paprika, organic cumin, organic black pepper, organic cayenne, organic allspice

1.8 oz, 51 g

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Our hand-mixed, organic spice rubs were originally created for our farmers' market customers who wanted to try our lamb but were unsure of how to spice it. After our first batch of blends sold out, we realized we might just be on to something. Wonderful for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, our original spice blends offer you a gourmet experience without the hassle. A sprinkle of one of our spice rubs or mixes will instantly elevate even the most ordinary of weekday meals.