Made with 100% organic spices, with no added sugars, nitrates, or fillers, our grass-fed, pasture-raised mutton sausages make for a simple yet elegant meal. Lean and wonderfully tender, with none of the gaminess associated with the mutton of yore, our fresh sausages are delicious pan-fried, grilled, or roasted.

Based off of a traditional North African spice mixture, our Merguez Mutton Sausages are smoky and aromatic with a slight kick. Somewhat akin to a pork chorizo sausage, but with a slightly more nuanced flavor profile, these sausages are surprisingly versatile. Enjoy with grilled vegetables, simmered in a tomato-based sauce, grilled and served on a bun, or pan-fried as a breakfast sausage.

Ingredients: Organically-raised ground mutton, salt, olive oil*, garlic powder*, black pepper*, cayenne*, sweet paprika*, smoked paprika*, allspice*, cinnamon*, cumin*.
*Certified Organic

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Due to a processing error, all sausages are now only available in packs of 5-6 links, instead of the 4 pictured, averaging ~1.3 lbs.


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