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Lovely spread before a fireplace or in a bedroom, and equally stunning hung as a tapestry, our handwoven wool rugs marry aesthetics with function. Striking works of art on their own, these weavings are beautiful and soft, yet stand up to years of wear.

Whether hung above a sofa or bed as decorative headboard or at your bedside, to meet our feet at the beginning of each day, these weavings add warmth and elegance to any home. Woven by hand by Pine Knob farm partner, Bonnie Wideman, from our farm-raised wool, each weaving is the product of hours of labor and a season on pasture.

Extremely soft underfoot, our wool fleece is spun around a heavy duty cotton twine to create a durable yet plush weave. Because the thickness of the rug yarn varies and all rugs are woven by hand, each rug is unique and irreplaceable. 

Natural white with horizontal, chocolate brown stripes from un-dyed Icelandic wool. Goose eye pattern, caramel brown warp with overcast blue contrast (lightly visible in pattern).

Dry clean or "snow clean" outdoors (instructions included).
54.5" x 36"


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The fleece from our pastured wool sheep is spun around a sturdy jute core to form a durable and wonderfully plush rug yarn, which we hand weave into one-of-a-kind rugs. While deliciously soft underfoot, these rugs also make for beautiful wall hangings above sofas or beds. Acting as decor as well as a functional, soft backing, these weavings add comfort and beauty to any home.