This large, honey-toned sheepskin has rich and generous wool. Ideal tucked into a favorite chair or used as a rug, this sheepskin will last a lifetime. It’s dense yet durable wool hold up well under heavy use. Striking yet cozy, this sheepskin will add warmth and comfort to any home.

Our flock of sheep come from an assortment of breeds, including Clun Forest, Charlolais, Texel, and Rambouillet lines. Their gorgeous fleeces feature unique color variations and textures. Add natural style to your bedroom, living room, or study. Use as a rug, seat cover, blanket, or throw, or give one as a gift for a new babe.

Please note this lambskin has one quarter-sized butcher cut on the back of the skin. It is not visible from the front and will not stretch or grow.

25.5” x 44”
Traditionally chrome tanned in Bucks County, PA

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