Pine Knob Organic Farm has been a home and labor for Bonnie Wideman for two decades. With the help of her partner, Craig Scott, the farm's unwavering commitment to careful stewardship and thoughtful husbandry has remained at the heart of the operation. In 2016, Bonnie began considering the future of the farm as she moved towards retirement. Hoping that Pine Knob could continue on in the same spirit, Bonnie and Craig invited Eamon Heberlein and Shizue RocheAdachi to join the farm and begin the messy, complicated, and incredibly rewarding work of farm succession.

Eamon grew up fifteen minutes from the farm and has known Bonnie since he was a child (she was his elementary school teacher, in fact!). As young farmers, both he and Shizue are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to weave themselves into the fabric of Pine Knob and benefit from Bonnie and Craig's generous mentorship. As new partners to the operation, Eamon and Shizue are excited to expand the reach and offerings of the farm while honoring and building upon its legacy.