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Pine Knob Organic Farm is 160 verdant acres of pasture and woodland in Crawford County, Wisconsin, producing certified organic lamb & mutton, and farm-raised woolen goods on grass, grit, and water. As committed stewards of our land and animals, we believe good farming is measured not just by the quality of our products but by the richness of the soil, the health of our stock, the strength of our rural community, and the resilience of our landscape. We farm in context, with and among our neighbors––vegetable, animal, & mineral. 

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We believe livestock are an essential part of our community's ecological and economic resilience. Here in the ebbing terrain of the Driftless region, pasture is a limited resource. Amidst expansive crop fields, Pine Knob Farm's deep rooted grasses and forbs help to build soil matter and absorb those Midwest summer downpours. Besides providing fodder and housing for our livestock, our pastures provide refuge for diverse plant and wildlife communities. And pasture-based livestock farming also benefits the wellbeing of our neighbors. By contributing to a local network of food and fiber, we support the future of small town animal processors, woolen mills, food-makers, and fiber artists––encouraging a vibrant rural landscape . 



Pine Knob Organic Farm supports two families and two generations, working together to continue the labor and legacy of the farm. We are Bonnie, Craig, Eamon, & Shizue. Two families and two generations working together to share in the labor and livelihood of Pine Knob Organic Farm.
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